GRIP: Practicing the art of working smart

When you consider what a huge role work plays in our lives, it’s strange we’re never really taught how to do it. Working is just supposed to come naturally, as if we all just magically know how to set priorities, juggle a schedule, make good plans, and stay on top of things. These skills may sound simple, but they’re not.

Rick’s book GRIP turned into a bestseller in the Netherlands overnight, selling over 50,000 copies in the first year. The country’s major newspapers, magazines, and online publications were intrigued: Why are people so excited about another new book on work? They soon found out.

Rick's friendly, no-nonsense approach, the level of practical detail, and a structure that makes it easy to dive in and apply what you read straightaway. GRIP has helped thousands get better at getting things done and get around to what matters most.

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“GRIP packs a punch with powerful strategies that will reinvent your ability to get more done than ever.

Jeff Sanders, keynote speaker and author of The 5 AM Miracle
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A complete guide

Rick Pastoor was struck by the fact that so many people kept on asking him to explain, in detail, how to work. Pointing them to existing literature didn’t help his peers, so that’s when he decided to put his way of working on paper. A hyperspecific, down to the nitty-gritty, guide on how to structure your week and work. All next to a demanding position in the management team of a fast growing startup and having his first daughter.

There's a lot out there to help you. But oddly enough, nothing so specific that you'll hand it over to anyone that struggles with their productivity.

Rick Pastoor
Rick Pastoor

GRIP is more than a book

Reading GRIP is one thing, applying it is something else.
That’s why you’ll get access to the GRIP-app. I’ll help you bring GRIP to your world through timely email coaching.

This is GRIP:
  • How to structure your workweek to get more done
  • Why your calendar should be sacred territory and how to make better decisions for your time
  • Why you should not use your head for storage and how to tackle that with a taskmanager
  • How to handle the fullest mailbox and deal with the bombardment of messages
  • What a weekly review can do for you and how to get started with it
  • A simple framework to figure out what makes you tick
  • How to set goals you’re actually going to complete
  • What a yearly review can do for sense of direction
  • Why you should get an accountability partner to keep you on track
  • How to think strategically to tackle the most complex issues
  • Why you should shut up more
  • What experts and mentors can give you and how to structurally connect with them
  • How to get started on your biggest dreams today

‘Rick Pastoor thought long and hard on a strategy for your calendar, email and to-dolist. His tips are crystal clear, accessible and his approach is genius. This is a book I wish I’d had ten years ago.’

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, founder and CEO of The Next Web

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What others are saying about GRIP

“One of my best time investments ever. This book changed how I make my decisions in work and life. Alexander Klöpping, Blendle CEO

“GRIP is a book to turn to often: I love the structure it brings to my workweek. Rick’s strategic approach is surprisingly relevant for anyone. Taco Carlier, CEO and cofounder of VanMoof

“A practical approach for getting more done. Ali Niknam, Bunq CEO

“GRIP is unique: it helps you step by step, but it has surprising depth. In my work I’m continuously looking for tools to help colleagues, and GRIP is high on my list of suggestions. Kristel Moedt, Head of People & Culture, Tony’s Chocolonely

“Before I read GRIP, I thought I was pretty organized, at work and otherwise. Turns out that’s not the case. GRIP fundamentally changed my productivity and the way I run my department on a day-to-day basis. Stef van Grieken, Product Manager at X (Google's Research Lab)

“This is one of those books you don’t just read and put aside. It keeps on giving: a clear guide to turn to daily. Implement Rick’s practical suggestions and start making smarter decisions - both professionally and in other parts of your life. Mark de Lange, Founder & CEO Ace & Tate